My Services

At Damore Wedding Design you can be confident that you are with the experts. Together we source the perfect venue and the best suppliers for your big day.

Once you have selected your perfect spot, the Damore team can help your vision come to life with amazing local or international suppliers, expertly curated for your wedding, taking care on every detail with the highest attention, and all within your chosen budget.

At Damore Wedding we keep always in mind those special touches that reflect your personality and we put them ever at the forefront of our consultant’ preparation, making sure that your wedding is your special day.

Not sure if you really need a wedding planner? It's my pleasure to introduce my services to you with a complimentary Skype/Whatsapp call and see together what’s the best for you; if a full wedding planning service, a partial one or wedding day coordination.

Contact me today so that we can work together to create your bespoke wedding or the package information button below to download more information about my packages, as well as pricing.